My Defragmenter: Defragment Your Drive for Free
July 25, 2024

About My Defragmenter

My Defragmenter

My Defragmenter is a freeware defragmenter built for the Windows platform. My Defragmenter provides a scheduler, hard drive analysis, and an easy to use interface. My Defragmenter is free to use and employs the UltraDefrag open source defragmenter for defragmentation and fragmentation analysis.

GNU Notice

My Defragmenter uses the UltraDefrag open source DLLs to provide defragmentation. By using My Defragmenter, you must accept our End User License Agreement which includes the GNU General Public License.

Source Code & Documentation

To learn more about UltraDefrag, access the source code, or read additional documentation, please refer to the links below:

UltraDefrag on SourceForge
UltraDefrag Source Code
UltraDefrag Documentation
UltraDefrag Authors
My Defragmenter Source Code (Delphi)